Praksis is defined as the enactment or embodiment of an idea. It is the process of bearing out an otherwise abstract concept in concrete reality. To practise is thus to investigate and cultivate THAT WHICH COULD BE

Whether consciously or not, we are practising a certain mode of being in every instant, constantly reinforcing one mode to the detriment of others. Intentional practice is the mechanism by which we can alter our own being; through which we can CHANGE WHO WE ARE.

Adaptability is the name of the game. The goal is not to be always one way or another, but to be always capable of shifting between being one way and another, as required by whatever circumstances arise.

In pursuit of this plasticity, we explore many diverse modes of being in our classes — softness, hardness, emptiness, quickness, bounciness, stillness, leading, following, taking control, relinquishing control, order, chaos, balance, imbalance, alignment, misalignment, sensitivity, rhythmicality, temporality, and more.

There are NO PREREQUISITES for practising with us – EVERY CLASS IS OPEN TO EVERYBODY. If you think you have some restriction (like an injury) that disqualifies you from attending, you are wrong.