Praksis is defined as the enactment or embodiment of an idea. It is the process of bearing out an otherwise abstract concept in material reality. To practise is thus to investigate and cultivate THAT WHICH COULD BE

Whether consciously or not, we are each practising a certain mode of being in every instant, constantly reinforcing one mode to the detriment of others. Intentional practice is the mechanism by which we can, if we wish, alter our own mode of being; in other words, through which we can CHANGE WHO WE ARE.

We explore many diverse physical qualities and modes of being in our classes, including softness, hardness, emptiness, quickness, bounciness, stillness, leading, following, taking control, relinquishing control, order, chaos, balance, imbalance, alignment, misalignment, sensitivity, rhythmicality, temporality, and more.

There are NO PREREQUISITES for practising with us – EVERY CLASS IS OPEN TO EVERYONE. If you think you have some restriction (like an injury) that disqualifies you from attending, you are wrong. 

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We live in a cotton-wool culture. In our strength classes, we seek to remedy some of the negative side effects of this culture through resistance training. These classes are centred on developing GYMNASTIC STRENGTH and RESILIENCE IN THE JOINTS with the use of both linear and non-linear movement patterns. The intention is to antifragilise the entire body, becoming comfortable with discomfort through constant exposure to new physical challenges.


In our handstand classes, we take people from complete beginner levels, with NO HANDBALANCING EXPERIENCE whatsoever, to being able to BALANCE FREELY ON THEIR HANDS in space. These classes also contain a strong mobility component, making use of loaded stretching to PERMANENTLY INCREASE RANGE OF MOTION in the hips and shoulders.


In our movement classes, students are exposed to novel movement patterns and open improvisational scenarios. Here we build on the foundation of strength, resilience, handbalancing and mobility we've established in our other classes with the goal of developing further MOVEMENT COMPLEXITY and PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE. The style of movement practised in these classes is often heavily influenced by the teachings of IDO PORTAL.


Our movement studio is also available for members who wish to dedicate extra time to their practice outside of class. This is THE GYM FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE GYMS. It is equipped with good vibes, good tunes and everything you need for a good movement practice. 

For solo-practice times, see our schedule.


Come to class. There are no prerequisites for participating. Our approach is flexible and individualised; we can always work around and, where possible, work on whatever it is that you feel might be restricting you. 

As a newcomer, you can attend your first TWO CLASSES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE ($30). To accept this introductory offer, click here.