You can reserve your spot in the spring intake of our intro course, running over four Saturdays from September 1-22 at 10.30am- 12pm, by signing up below.

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Course Description

A 4-week introductory course for people who would like to start improving their experience of being in a body and learning about movement. We will explore four topics in the course:

1. What does it mean to practise movement?

2. Mobility (spine, hips, shoulders)

3. Gymnastic strength

4. Handbalancing basics

The course is intended for people with little to no experience training from a movement perspective, although more experienced practitioners will still benefit greatly from attending. There are ZERO prerequisites.

The course includes a total of 4 x 90-minute classes, costs $200, is capped at 20 participants and will run from September 1-22 (inclusive). Classes will take place on Saturday mornings from 10.30am to 12pm at the Praksis movement studio in Phillip, Canberra.

This will suit you well if:

You've wanted to start moving again but don’t know where to begin;

You're looking to begin a new physical practice;

You don't feel comfortable in your body and that worries you;

You’re inflexible, weak, disconnected from your body or in pain;

You’re curious, would like to push your boundaries and are open to learning new things;

You’ve got a thick skin or are willing to develop one.

Get in touch at thomas @ if you have any further questions.